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Janis and Lauren are fierce Leos who love making music together. Whether singing together on stages around the planet, collaborating on numerous albums over many years, and sharing innumerable tator tots after their Vocal Mania concerts in New York City. The Covid-19 can't stop their musical shennanigans - now they're in their kitchens and in-home studios doing their damnedest to stay sane, creating music and a space for music lovers around the globe.

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Join us in the Birdland Theater for Vocal Gumbo!

Lauren and Janis are Coming Out of the Kitchen and Back to the Bandstand!

The Vocal Gumbo team is at it again. When Covid hit, Janis Siegel and Lauren Kinhan re-outfitted their beloved monthly live vocal summit, Vocal Mania, rebranded, and took to the virtual super-highways. Partnering with producer Laurie Green, they created a monthly collaborative performance space where artists from all over the world shared their work, created one of kind performances with Vocal Gumbo and thrived in the bleak Covid months. As they emerge from their home studios, Vocal Gumbo will be showcasing many of the stunning arrangements and artists in a One-Night-Only event that will demonstrate the fierce tenacity and creative mojo this production house summoned when the world sequestered. Don’t miss Janis and Lauren’s debut back at the Birdland Theater, along with their amazing trio and the all-star artist line up that will surely fill your ears, hearts and bellies!